Book Review “Loose Balls”

Loose Balls is a book written by Terry Pluto. This book is not like the normal story book where a plot is followed. This book is made up entirely of Dialogue of players from the American Basketball Association. This book looks into all the moments of the earliest moments in history of the ABA. All the stories dialogue was taken from interviews of former ABA players. Most of the writing from the book is from season to season with dialogue coming from:

The overall book was a great read. There is never a moment where I thought I was just reading a book, I felt as I was reliving the moments from the stories that were told in the book. I would recommend this book to anyone. I give this book a 5/5

Lakers make the Playoffs

The last game of the season was played last night with the Lakers on the ropes of whether or not they had a post season in their future. The situation was as follows if the Utah Jazz beat the Memphis Grizzlies then they would of tied the Lakers for 8th meaning their final game against the Rockets was a must win or the Lakers’ season would of ended because Utah earned the tie breaker.

Minutes before the game started in the Staples Center announcements of the Utah Jazz losing were released meaning the Lakers made the playoffs. Now the situation was who would be 8th or 7th seed. The winner of this Rockets/Lakers match determined who plays San Antonio as the loser faces the best in the west Oklahoma City Thunder. The winner is determined in a Overtime with the Lakers taking the Win and the 7th seed.

Surgery a sucess

Kobe undergoes surgery to repair his achilles tendon he ruptured in his game against the Warriors. The surgery was a success and Kobe will be sidelined for the remainder of the season.

Kobe after the injury vented on his Facebook account “All the training and sacrifice just flew out the window with one step that I’ve done millions of times! The frustration is unbearable. The anger is rage. Why the hell did this happen?!? Makes no damn sense,”  but Kobe says this is not his last year of play this injury will not have him out of the league for long.

Kobe down but Lakers push on

Kobe Bryant puts up 34 points in a heart breaking game for the lakers and Lakers fans. The Lakers did win against the Golden State Warriors, but Kobe Bryant goes down in the fourth quarter with what was later diagnosed as a ruptured achilles tendon. Kobe being the fighter he is went to the free throw line and knocked down both free throws and then walked off the court.

Kobe is out for 6-9 months meaning the season is over for Kobe so what are the Lakers to do without their best player. Well the Lakers did not allow this to discourage them. They went on to beat Golden State and then they continued on and knocked off the San Antonio Spurs. The Lakers now lead the Jazz by 1 game for 8th place in the West. Hopefully the Lakers can hold on and clinch that 8th seed with a victory in their final math up against the Houston Rockets. 

Big 34 number retired

Shaquille O’neal joins the rest of the Lakers’ legends in the rafters of the Staples Center. The big 34 has his jersey lifted in a ceremony in an extended halftime show. Shaq is known as the most dominant big man to play as a Laker, actually he was known as the most dominant big man to play the game. O’neal won three NBA championships with the Lakers. He averaged 27 ppg 11.8 rpg  n 2.81 bpg. with this team.

Movie Review “Coach Carter”


Staring Samuel L. Jackson as Ken Carter,who is a sporting goods owner until he is offered a job as a basketball coach at his old high school in poor broken down Richmond, California. Coach Carter tries to keep the players on his team under a tight leash by making them sign contracts. These contracts entail that all players must obtain a certain GPA in order to play on his team.The team did not believe in the coaches tactics and did not want to abide n=by his rules. It wasn’t until the team went on a undefeated win streak did the player begin to show Coach Carter the respect he deserved. The problem occurs when these players become to comfortable and they start to fail in the classroom and not show up for class. With this occurring Coach Carter takes matter into his own hands and closes the gym and cancels games until the grades are brought back up. This starts an up roar in the city.

This is a really good sports movie. This shows how a coach earns the respect of his players and community. Most importantly it shows the importance of grades. Coach Carter puts a lot of faith in his players to show them there is life outside the streets and that high school. He truly shows the importance of getting into college and continuing your education. I recommend this movie to any student-athlete it is a must see.

Number Four Overall

Kobe Bryant has officially moved up the scoring leader board this past game against their Pacific coast division rivals the Sacramento Kings. In the first quarter Steve Nash again has to leave a game early due to injury. With this injury occurring Kobe decided to change his style of play, instead of looking for his shot first he played more of a facilitator role. The Lakers ended the game with a victory over the Kings 103-98 and Kobe ended the game with 19 pts, 14 Ast, and 9 Reb. In the second quarter Kobe drains a pull up 19 foot jump shot that pushes him over Wilt Chamberlin to the number four overall spot on the leader boards in scoring. This gave Kobe 31,421 career points and Chamberlain has 31,419 total points.